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July 27, 2011


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July 25, 2011

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From the New Haven Independent

Sign Of Times: DNA Storefront Opens

July 22, 2011

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56 Who’s-The-Daddy Cases Heard In 3 Hours

by Laurel Leff | Aug 2, 2011
New Haven Independent

Under glaring lights, Marquise Parker was handed the results of a paternity test he had taken weeks before. An audience of about 40 people looked on expectantly. Davette Fowlin, the child’s mother, eyed Parker as he glanced at the verdict that would determine his future.

The results were positive. He is indeed the daddy.

Parker didn’t howl in despair. Fowlin didn’t whoop in victory. He shrugged; she shifted uncomfortably.

For this wasn’t the set of the Maury Show. This was the latest episode of “Paternity Thursday,” a real-life drama played out in rapid-fire segments in the fluorescent-lit Courtroom 3A at 235 Church St.

It’s a weekly mini-series in which Family Support Magistrate David Dee hears the so-called “paternity docket,” anywhere from 30 to 60 cases that try to establish who the father is and how much he should pay in child support. [read the entire article at the New Haven Independent]


Referral Made This “Daddy” Mystery Solvable

by Laurel Leff | Aug 9, 2011

New xHaven Independent

The woman hobbled across the courtroom, her feet shackled, her wrists handcuffed behind her back. With a marshal at her side, she headed to the “ladies side” to wait for the magistrate in Courtroom 3A to begin weighing her son’s future.

A door on the left side of the courtroom opened, and a small man in prison beige emerged. Escorted by a marshal, the shackled and handcuffed man shuffled to the “guys” side, as a marshal called it, careful not to presume too much.

Tabitha Taylor, 29, and Duane Cruz, 35, appeared before the family support magistrate to determine the fate of a little boy. [read the entire article at the New Haven Independent]


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